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Carnegie Middle and High School are changing the drop off and pick up traffic flow. Our main concern is the safety of our students during these times because of the traffic going every direction. By changing this to one way we believe this will cut down on the risk of possible injury. Please help us by viewing the diagram below and following the guidelines set. We are hoping to get signs posted soon.


Starting March 20th, 2017

Wildcat Drive will become one way where vehicles will enter from the north and follow the road south.

Wildcat Drive will be one way from:


2:45 pm-4:15 pm


We appreciate your assistance in making this a safer process for all students at Carnegie Middle and High School.



Vision Statement

Developing lifelong learners and productive citizens.


Mission Statement

We encourage students to reach their full potential by providing opportunities to be immersed in differentiated, challenging curriculum in a safe and positive environment.

Round 2 of the Playoffs for the Wildcats 



Counselor's Corner

Stay informed about opportunities your MS/HS student might be interested in.  For more information visit http://carnegie.gabbarthost.com/85475_2 .