Seniors 2018


“A Certain Darkness Is Needed To See The Stars” 

Come on seniors!! We are so close to achieving. Don’t let a few fails get in the way. Those are what shapes us into who we are! Keep your heads up and strive!


Seniors will be meeting at the high school Tuesday, October 17th. We will be having a hay ride & cook out to Mrs. Littles place!! Lets go make some memories.

FALL BREAK IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!! October 16th-20th


October 19th will be the senior night football game! Lets support our football players along with some of our seniors!


October 30th will be panel pictures, class favorites, and junior rotarian pictures. Bring $20 for panel pictures.


November 5th the seniors will be having a turkey dinner to raise money for after prom. $8 a ticket $9 at the door. Come and help support our seniors! 




Junior Rotarians:

     Girls                              Month                                                 Boys  

 Lybbee Graham                             September                                                         Garrett Clark

 Miah Miller                                     October                                                          Jaispen Bialas

Bryanne Mapes                               November                                                       Trey Boettger

Rebecca Kaulaity                            December                                                               Eri Cano

 Kyla Weaver                                   January                                                       Charnel Lindsey

Hannah Nix                                     Feburary                                                        Rhodey Mabry

Maleah Copus                                March                                                         Tyson Thompson

Lindsey Bear                                   April                                                             Rowdy Hodges



Senior Class Officers

President : Trey Boettger

Vice President: Tyson Thompson

Secretary: Hannah Nix

Treasurer: Kyla Weaver

Reporter: Charnel Lindsey

Sergeant of Arms: Lybbee Graham




Senior Class Favorite

Best all around: Kyla Weaver & Trey Boettger

               Most likely to succeed: Hannah Nix & Tyson Thompson

               Most talented: Veronica Adkins & Garrett Clark              

 Most athletic: Lybbee Graham & Rhodey Mabry

              Most courteous: Ina Hummingbird & Rowdy Hodges         

 Most Attractive: Rebecca Kaulaity & Jonah Killman

         Best Personality: Lindsey Bear & Charnel Lindsey 

                Most Witty: Natasha Herrera & Eri Cano