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Seniors 2021




Junior Rotarians


September Kaden Adkins MIchelle Chavez
October      Vade Buster seSerenity Clark
November Ganden Clark Vivian Dietrich
December Kyler Goombi Dayton Horn
January  Paris Holmes Kennedy Kiesau
February Levi Nix Nayeli Lopez
March Jeremy Pena Susie Orduna
April Scott Taylor Alysa Tahkofper



Senior Class Officers

President : Vade Buster

Vice President: Vivian Dietrich

Secretary: Kaden Adkins

Treasurer: Serenity Clark

Reporter: Jeremy Pena

Sgt In Arms: Ganden Clark





Senior Class Favorites 

Best All Around:  Vivan Dietrich and Vade Buster

 Most Likely To Succeed: Serenity Clark and Jeremy Pena

         Most Talented:  Dayton Horn and Scott Taylor   

Most Athletic: Kennedy Kiesau and Paris Holmes

 Most Courteous: Nayeli Lopez and Ganden Clark

  Most Attractive: Tristan Ware and Kaden Adkins

     Best Personality: Michelle Chavez and Kyler Goombi

  Most Witty: Alysa Tahkofper and Chance O’Keeffe

Class Parents: Tom and Karrie Adkins 

Class Mascot: Barrett McGlothlin 

Class Song: Home by Phillip Phillips

Class Flower: Red Rose with Black and Silver Drizzle

Class Colors: Black and Silver

Class Motto: