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Course Syllabus

Carnegie High School

2017 – 2018 Syllabus

Ms. Hawkins

Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus


Classroom Supplies


1 inch binder


Lined notebook paper (loose leaf)

2 college ruled, spiral bound notebooks with at least 70 pages (1 for each semester)


Daily Schedule

The usual schedule will consist of 5-10 minutes of bell work or a discussion of the previous day’s work. New material will be presented either by lecture, individual or small group activity. On most days there will be some time in class to work on assignments.


Grading Policy

A simple point system is used as follows

Homework---------------- 10-30 points

Weekly Bell Work ---- 25 points

Quizzes-------------------- 50 points

Tests------------------------ 100 points


Assignments and Homework

Daily practice is very important when learning mathematics, so if you want to do well in class then you will need to do your work.

Work not finished in class will need to be completed at home.

All work to be turned in needs to be complete and have a proper heading (Name, Assignment, Date)

Late work will not be accepted, unless a student has been absent.

Be sure to show as much work as possible.

Absent work will be posted on the bulletin board at the front of the room.


Interactive Notebooks

We will be using interactive notebooks throughout the year. Please keep the following in mind when taking notes:

Do not tear out any pages from your notebooks at any time!

Use color!

Cut straight lines!

Don’t go overboard when using the glue sticks!

If you have been absent, then you will need to copy the pages from days missed.

Keep your pages clean and organized - don’t be sloppy.


Rules and Expectations

Be sure to read your school handbook to familiarize yourselves with policies regarding unexcused absences and tardiness. Here is a list of my classroom expectations.

Be courteous and respectful to everyone.

No swearing or name-calling.

Do NOT come to class without supplies! Come prepared and ready to work.

Clean up any messes you make.

Stay seated.

No phones, iPods, etc, allowed while we are working.

No food or drink (except water).

You will need to turn in a bathroom/hall pass before leaving the room.

We will keep busy all hour and do not have time to waste so avoid these things: talking when you should be working, throwing things across the room, or asking to go to the restroom.

Finish all homework before coming to class. Do not attempt to finish before class starts.

If you need help on homework, then come in before class. Do not wait until the last minute!

I don’t give extra credit, so don’t ask. Instead, try keeping up with the regular credit.