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College Sports Eligibility


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Students that are anticipating to participate in athletics at the collegiate level need to access the NAIA and/or the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse to learn about the courses, grade point average, and ACT scores that are required.  There are many rules and regulations that prospective college student-athlete must adhere to so it is recommended that students and parents access the NCAA web site beginning the student's ninth grade year.  Every prospective student-athlete that has interest in participating in athletics at a Division I, Division II or Division III institution must register with either NAIA or NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse and submit the appropriate documents.  Registering with Eligibility Clearinghouse and meeting the academic and amateurism eligibility allows the student to participate in collegiate athletics and gives them the ability to receive athletic-based financial aid. 




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Guide for College Bound Student Athlete:



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Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete:

Eligiblity Brochure:

Division I Reference Guide:

Division II Reference Guide



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ACT test scores must come directly from the testing agency.  When completing  registration for the ACT you must release your scores to the Clearinghouse.  The following code should be used

NAIA - 9876

NCAA - 9999