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TSA fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in technology, innovation

design, and engineering. 


Upcoming Events 

April 11-13  – State 

June 21-26 – Nationals 



TSA Officer Team 

HS President – Rachel Willis 

MS President – Austin Willis 

Frontier Winners 

1st Place CTI – Kemeree Hodges and Serenity Clark

1st Place Creed – Kemeree Hodges 

1st Place Essays on Technology – Serenity Clark

2nd Place Creed – Adrianna Manzeneras 

2nd Place Prepared Speech – Serenity Clark

3rd Place Stuctural Engineering – Scott Taylor  and Ganden Clark

3rd Place Digital Photography – Chaynee Horn 

3rd Place Prepared Speech – Kemeree Hodges 

3rd Place Problem Solving – Kirk Harrison and Thomas Izquearedo 


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Extra-Curricular Calendar

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