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Carnegie High School Code: 370-615


Students create an account at  Once account is set up student can register for the ACT on their account. 

Two fee waivers, which cover the registration fee, may be used during their junior and/or senior year.  Students that meet the requirements set forth by ACT may receive the Fee Waiver Form in the counselor's office.

Registration takes about 45 minutes, and you will need a credit card (or fee waiver), your high school course list and grades, your interests (for survey), a list of up to 4 colleges to send your score reports to for free, and your photo to upload. 



ACT ........................$50.50

ACT with Writing..... $67.00


2019-2020 ACT Test Dates


   September 14, 2019:  Late Registration: 8/30

   October 26, 2019: Registration Deadline 9/20 ♦ Late Fee: 10/4

    December 14, 2019: Registration Deadline 11/08 ♦ Late Fee: 11/22

    February 8, 2020: Registration Deadline 1/10 ♦ Late Fee: 1/17

    April 4, 2020: Registration Deadline 2/28 ♦ Late Fee: 3/13

   June 13, 2020: Registration Deadline 5/8 ♦ Late Fee: 5/22

   July 18, 2020: Registration Deadline 6/19 ♦ Late Fee: 6/26



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ACT Tutor:

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